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Having enlisted under the ranks of the Sentinel for mere personal gain, the Alchemist's quest for amassing wealth to fund his research is a tireless and relentless one. Both sadistic and cruel in his methods, this heartless Goblin cares not what means he must resort to for a sizable bounty. Whether he chooses to paralyze his foes with toxic concoctions or drench them in corrosive acids, Razzil Darkbrew remains steadfast in his calm, calculated approach, despite their constant wails of agony.


Ability Name Ability Description

Acid Spray (Active)

Razzil sprays a corrosive acid over an area of ground, damaging enemy units that step inside it and reducing their armor.

Unstable Concoction (Active)

Razzil brews a highly volatile potion, gaining damage and stun duration as he continues to brew it. He may throw it at an enemy hero at any period during the brewing to deal magic damage and stun it. After brewing for 4 seconds, it will reach its maximum potential. However, if he doesn't throw it by then, it will explode and deal damage and stun to himself.

Goblin's Greed (Passive)

The alchemist converts his slain enemies' corpses into gold, allowing him to gain bonus gold per kill. The effect stacks, and caps at an 18 gold bonus. The stacks last 18 seconds before he loses the bonus.

Chemical Rage (Ultimate)

Razzil injects a potent chemical concoction into his ogre, chemically enhancing him temporarily. He gains slightly enhanced movespeed, reduced attack cooldown, a large amount of health and mana regeneration, and extra health and mana.