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Attack Speed[]

Attack speed is how quickly the hero attacks its target. The formula for attacks per second is (1+IAS)/BAT, while the formula for seconds per attack is BAT/(1+IAS). Therefore, the highest amount of attacks achievable per second without skills (Anti-Mage, at 1.45) is 3.76, and the fastest with skills (Alchemist in Chemical Rage level 3 form, at 1.15), is 4.35.

Base Attack Time[]

Base attack time (BAT), is the amount of time it takes for the hero's attacks to "cool down" before it may attack again without any increases in attack speed. Most heroes have a BAT of 1.7, but there are some exceptions. Below is a table of different BATs, ordered from slowest to fastest.

Character Base Attack Time
Spirit Bear (Syllabear) 1.75/1.65/1.55/1.45, depending on level of skill.
All other heroes 1.7
Syllabear, the Lone Druid (True From) 1.5
Terrorblade, the Soul Keeper (Metamorphosis) 1.6
Huskar, the Sacred Warrior 1.6
Jah'rakal, the Troll Warlord (Berserker Rage) 1.55
Terrorblade, the Soul Keeper (Normal) 1.5
Alleria, the Windrunner 1.5
Magina, the Anti Mage 1.45
Banehallow, the Lycanthrope (Wolf Form) 1.4
Razzil Darkbrew, the Alchemist (Chemical Rage) 1.45/1.3/1.15, depending on level of skill

Increased Attack Speed[]

Increased attack speed (IAS) is the attack speed added onto your base attack time for you total. There are two ways to increase it: flat attack speed and Agility. Attack speed is, in-game, listed as "+x attack speed", with the x being a number and is usually increased with items. Every one point is 0.01 IAS, or 1% attack speed. Agility follows the same rule, though it has other secondary effects.