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Mangix originates from a deeply hidden and secret society located on the obscure island of Pandaria. He lived a sheltered life in his home within the Stonetalon Mountains, but even the far, golden reaches of Pandaria were affected by the dark hand of the Scourge. The elders heard the cries of the innocent, and saw the blood of the slain, and so, they agreed to send one elite warrior, hoping to turn the tides of battle and restore the Great Balance. What they did not know was that the local barkeep had trained for this very moment his entire life.


Ability Name Ability Description

Thunder Clap (Active)

Mangix slams the ground, creating a deafening shockwave in a 400 AoE. Enemies caught in the blast are damaged and disoriented, slowing their movement and attack speed.

Drunken Haze (Active)

Mangix drenches his target in alcohol, slowing them and causing them to miss some attacks.

Drunken Brawler (Passive)

Mangix's experience in tavern fights has sharpened his fighting ability. He gains the chance to dodge attacks and deal double damage hits.


Primal Split (Active)

The Brewmaster splits into three elemental forms, each with its own unique traits and abilities. If any of the forms are alive at the end of the timer, Mangix is reborn.