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Carry Heroes are the heroes who should be getting the most experience and gold in a standard game. This is because with correct farm they excel in the mid-game/late-game team fights as they inflict high amounts of damage-per-second (high DPS). This is the main reason why they are called 'Carry', because they generally carry the team to victory.

There are two main carry types:

  • Hardcore carry: Commonly referred to as a hard or late-game carries. Hard carries are generally very fragile early and mid-game and are largely dependent on farm to maximize their late-game potential. Their skill composition often revolves around auto-attack skills and unique attack modifiers. It often requires a lane support to help with harassing the enemy and defending the carry while he gains farm. The hard carry almost always goes safelane.
  • Semi-carry: These types of carries are dominant early-game and mid-game, but rarely scale well late-game. Their skill composition often involves a combination of utility abilities and burst damage abilities, these skills help them control the early-game and mid-game with easy harass and ganking abilities. They generally don't need as much farm as hard carries and often can solo lanes.