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The by-product of Goblin technological weapon research during the old War, Rattletrap the Clockwerk Goblin was shut away into storage for countless decades until the Sentinel found and reactivated him. Combat-wise, this goblin's capabilities know few bounds; his body is stocked with a huge array of armaments that destroy targets both near and far with ease. His trademark wrench can even extend itself like a grappling hook, allowing him to pick off individual targets with pin-point accuracy.


Ability Name Ability Description

Battery Assault (Active)

Rattletrap unleashes a bombardment of shrapnel every 0.75 seconds at a random enemy. The shrapnel causes a mini-stun and damage. Lasts 10 seconds.

Power Cogs (Active)

Rattletrap releases a grid of cogs around him, trapping all nearby units inside the grid with him. Units outside the grid who come into contact are damaged and knocked back. The cogs last until the duration of the spell, but can be destroyed by a single hit from the Clockwerk Goblin, or three hits from other units.

Rocket Flare (Active)

Rattletrap fires a powerful missile at a target location anywhere on the map. The missile will provide vision as it travels, and will provide vision upon impact as well as magic damage to all enemies in the radius.

Hookshot (Ultimate)

Rattletrap's wrench hook extends outwards in a straight line, hooking onto the first unit it hits. If it hits an enemy, Rattletrap will reel in on the target, stunning all enemies in its path and also in a small AoE upon impact.