Krobelus spent her living days as a fervent member of a cult of Death Sayers. Her belief in the ways of death and the perfect harmony it brings has given her dead spirit a chance to wreak havoc among the chaotic living. She uses her abilities to call upon carnivorous bats and long dead spirits to lay to rest all who still pump blood through their veins. She augments her powers through the use of witchcraft, and she is able to make opponents gape in fear, losing the focus needed to cast spells. She is devoted to death in all it's aspects, and would see all turned to ash.

Abilities Edit

The Death Prophet is a mage with a lot of damage and pushing potential. Her Carrion Swarm is a low cooldown skillshot nuke that inflicts upon anyone in its path heavy damage. Her Silence is an area of effect spell that causes anyone that is caught in it to stop casting spells, and is a huge disruption in teamfights. Her Witchcraft passively increases her speed and cooldowns, as well as increases the effectiveness of her other skills. Finally, her Ultimate, Exorcism, releases a swarm of spirits to attack nearby enemies. The spirits fly around randomly, or attack any target that Krobelus manually attacks (A + Click). Upon the end of the spell, the spirits return to her, healing her for a portion of the total damage dealt. Note that because her ultimate can target towers and structures, Krobelus is an excellent pusher. Great in teamfights and great in lane, the Death Prophet is a powerful hero to pick, and fun to play.

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