Dragon Knight

Abandoned and forsaken as a child, the half-bred Dragon Davion sought refuge from the evils of the world, and from the uncontrollable power growing within himself. His search led him to the doorstep of a mighty Druid, who taught him to tap into the massive energies that lay concealed in his blood - a tribute to his ancient Draconian heritage. A master swordsman, Davion smites his foes in his raging frenzy - transforming at will into an Elder Dragon of destructive fiery rage to crush all those that threaten to vanquish his new home.

Abilities Edit

Ability Name Ability Description
Breathe FireBreathe Fire

Davion unleashes a cone of dragonbreath, dealing magic damage to enemies caught in the radius.

Dragon TailDragon Tail

Davion shield-bashes a nearby enemy unit with the force of a dragon's tail swipe, stunning the target and dealing minor magic damage.

Dragon BloodDragon Blood

Davion's ancient dragon heritage surfaces temporarily, granting him increased health regeneration and armor.

Elder Dragon FormElder Dragon Form

Davion morphs into a powerful elder dragon. His basic attacks become ranged, turning into dragonbreath. The effects of the attack are different for each level in this spell.

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