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Raised amongst the dwarven Clan Mining, Aurelius grew up with a bewitchment for making things. Such tendencies were considered healthy in the mining society as a dwarf's skill with explosives determined his pay, his rank, and of course, his popularity amongst the females. Unlike the rest of his Clan however, Aurelius sought to use these skills for more than just blowing up rock. By combining controlled detonations with thick metal to direct their force, Aurel is able to create everything from engines to missiles. Excited to be able to put his inventions to the test, Aurel's presence on the battlefield promises to be a blast!


Ability Name Ability Description Details
Rocket Barrage

Rocket Barrage

Launches a salvo of rockets at nearby enemy units in a radius around the Gyrocopter. Lasts 3 seconds.

Aurel's new craft has an increased payload for rockets, enhancing their rapid-fire capabilities.
Radius: 400

Duration: 3
Number of Rockets: 30
Damage per Rocket: 8/13/18/23
Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5
Cost: 90 Mana

Homing Missile

Homing Missile

Fires a homing missile to seek the targeted enemy unit. The missile gains speed over time, dealing damage and stunning when it impacts the target. Homing Missile deals greater damage the further it has traveled. Enemy units can destroy the missile before it reaches its target.

The biggest missile Aurel could possibly attach to his craft, The Bomb™ has carefully calculated aerodynamics and explosives for maximum impact.
Cast Range: 1050

Stun Duration: 2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8
Hero Attacks to Destroy: 3/3/4/5
Tower Attacks to Destroy: 6/6/8/10
Minimum Damage: 50
Maximum damage: 125/250/375/500
Cooldown: 20/17/14/11
Cost: 120/130/140/150 Mana

Flak Cannon

Flak Cannon

Gyrocopter's attacks hit all enemy units in an area around it for a limited number of attacks. Only the main target of attacks will receive attack bonuses such as Critical Strike. Lasts 15 seconds or until the attacks are used.

This newly revamped Gyrocopter has attached enough armaments to assault in a 360 degree radius.
Radius: 1000

Duration: 3/4/5/6 attacks
Cooldown: 30
Cost: 50 Mana

Call Down

Call Down

Call down an aerial missile strike on enemy units in a target area. Two missiles arrive in succession, the first dealing major damage and minor slow; the second dealing minor damage and major slow.

Upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter: Increases the damage of the second missile, and gives global cast range*.

"Bombs away!"
Range:1000 (Global*)

Radius: 600
Missile One Damage: 250/300/350
Missile Two Damage: 100/150/200 (175/225/275*)
Missile One Movement Speed Slow: 30%
Missile Two Movement Speed Slow: 60%
Missile One Slow Duration: 2
Missile Two Slow Duration: 4
Cooldown: 55/50/45
Cost: 125 Mana

Name Details Stats
Homing Missile

Homing Missile Unit

The missile fired by Gyrocopter's Homing Missile ability. Stats are detailed to the right.
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Hit Points: 100
  • Damage: 50-125/50-250/50-375/50-500
  • Armor: 0
  • Movement Speed: 100
  • Sight Range: 400/400
  • Bounty: 20-30
  • Experience: 20