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Huskar the Sacred Warrior is a hero from Dota Allstars and Dota 2. In Dota Allstars, he is a Strength Sentinel hero, while in Dota 2, he is a Strength Radiant hero.

Emerging from the throes of the sacred Nothl Realm, Huskar opened his eyes to see the prodigal shadow priest Dazzle working a deep incantation over him. Against the ancient rites of the Dezun Order, Huskar’s spirit had been saved from eternity, but like all who encounter the Nothl he found himself irrevocably changed. No longer at the mercy of a mortal body, his very lifeblood became a source of incredible power; every drop spilled was returned tenfold with a fierce, burning energy. However this newfound gift infuriated Huskar, for in his rescue from the Nothl, Dazzle had denied him a place among the gods. He had been denied his own holy sacrifice. In time the elders of the order sought to expand their influence and Huskar, they agreed, would be a formidable tool in their campaign. Yet becoming a mere weapon for the order that denied him his birthright only upset him further. As the first embers of war appeared on the horizon, he fled his ancestral home to find new allies, all the while seeking a cause worthy of unleashing the power his total sacrifice could bring.


Ability Name Ability Description Details
Inner Vitality


Unlocks the regenerative power of a friendly unit, with healing based upon its primary attribute. If the target is below 40% it will heal faster. Lasts 16 seconds.

While Huskar has little use for magic, this minor enchantment was learned from the Dazzle and the Dezun priests, to be used in times of great injury.
Cast Range: 800

Duration: 16
Health Regen: 10
Base Heal Amount: 5%/10%/15%/20% of main attribute
Base Heal Amount Below 40% HP: 20%/40%/60%/%80 of main attribute
Cooldown: 22/18/14/10
Cost: 170 Mana

Burning Spears


Huskar sets his spears aflame, dealing damage over time with his regular attack. Multiple attacks will stack additional damage. Each attack drains some of Huskar's health. Lasts 8 seconds.

The Sacred Warrior ignites his weaponry after marking it with his own blood - causing far greater pain than he himself feels.
Duration: 8

Cast Range: 450
Damage Per Second: 5/10/15/20
Cooldown: 0
Cost: 15 Health

Berserker's Blood


Huskar's injuries feed his power, giving increased attack speed and magic damage resistance based on missing health.

After losing his birthright, Huskar gained a lethality in physical combat that is only heightened as his own blood is spilled.
Increase Attack Speed: 14/16/18/20

Bonus Magic Resistance: 4%/5%/6%/7%

Life Break


Huskar draws upon his health to break an enemy's life, leaping at a target within attack range to shatter a percentage of that hero's current health, and slowing them. While leaping, Huskar is spell immune.

Upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter: Increases damage dealt, reduces cooldown.

No matter the danger, Huskar thrusts himself into melees that only he can survive.
Cast Range: 550

Slow Duration: 4/5/6
Movespeed Slow: 40%/50%/60%
Damage: 35% (65%*) of target's current HP
Self Damage: 35% of current HP
Cooldown: 12 (4*)