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Slicing through armor with the greatest of ease. Whirling, dancing like a dervish, swiping foes with a flick of the wrist. Poetry in motion, slashing enemy upon enemy in the blink of an eye. Yurnero seeks perfection. Seeks to become one with his blade. All to fulfill his destiny as the unstoppable Juggernaut.


Ability Name Ability Description
Blade Fury

Blade Fury (Active)

Yurnero spins his blade with the force of a hurricane, dealing damage to enemy units around him and making him immune to magical effects
Healing Ward

Healing Ward (Active)

Yurnero summons a Healing Ward that heals a percentage of any nearby allied units' health every second.
Blade Dance

Blade Dance (Passive)

Yurnero constantly searches out gaps in the enemy's defenses, allowing him to occasionally deal double damage when attacking.

Omnislash (Ultimate)

Yurnero leaps to an enemy target and slashes it, dealing damage. He then leaps again to another enemy, dealing the same amount of damage. He will keep leaping from target to target until he has used up all his leaps (more leaps are available upon levelling up), or there are no more targets to hit. The leap range is 450 units.