A renowned pyromancer roaming the lands, Lina Inverse originally joined the Sentinel for monetary purposes. However, weeks turned into months, and fighting alongside the many holy warriors with fearless souls inspired her with the responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the World Tree. With her devastating abilities to summon vaporizing flames, she wreaks havoc among the enemy ranks. In dire situations, she would imbue herself with an ultimate fervor, or even call forth a massive beam of lightning which is said to instantly slay any single foe. A most feared enemy of the Scourge, a most unswerving defender of the Sentinel.

Trivia Edit

One should take note that her name is based from the primary protagonist in Slayers (スレイヤーズ)! Another thing of note is that most if not all of her attacks is as well, most noticeably the Dragon Slave what served as her most powerul attack in the show's first season.

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