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Monkey King is the first hero of DOTA2 that is not exist in DOTA. Based on Chinese mythology, Monkey King has an ability to do Mischief', turning into trees or any other objects in order to hide from enemies. He can chase and escape from his enemies by using Tree Dance, the ability that allows him to climb and leap over the treetops. Gaining more vision, Monkey King can jump down on his enemies unexpectedly dealing damage and slowing the enemies with Primal Spring. Monkey Kings magic extending staff can slam on to enemies stunning them and damaging with a critical hit based on his attack. After attacking his enemies for a few times consecutively Monkey King will be granted extra damage and lifesteal ability from his Jingu Mastery. As he is a king, Monkey King, with Wukong's Command, can create a circular formation of monkey soldiers in the form of his clones in order to fight for him.

Pros of Monkey King

-        High reliable damage

-        Long melee attack range

-        Very high mobility

-        Has extra vision on treetops

Cons of Monkey King

-        Low health.

-        Requires consecutive hits to activate Jingu Mastery

-        Needs to be well-farmed