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{{infobox item
| name = Power Treads
| image = File:PowerTreads.png
| imagewidth = 100px
| caption = A pair of tough-skinned boots that change to meet the demands of the wearer.
| effects = +60 Movespeed
+8 Selected Attribute
+ 25 Attack Speed
Active: Switch Attribute, Switches the attribute that receives a bonus from Power Treads. Switches from Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength.
| recipe = Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Belt of Strength / Robe of the Magi / Elvenskin Boots
| buy = 1450
| sell = 725


FrostArrowsFrost ArrowsAdds a freezing effect to Drow's attacks, slowing enemy movement. Lasts 1.5 seconds on Heroes, and 7 seconds on creeps.

Mana BreakMana BreakMagina's attacks ignite a target enemy's mana, draining a flat amount for every hit. The burnt mana combusts, dealing damage equal to the amount lost.

Dota Hero list by Ivo09





Admiral Axe
Beastmaster Chaos Knight
Centaur warchief Doom Bringer (Lucy)
Earthshaker Lifestealer
Omniknight Abbadon
Brewmaster Lycanthorpe
Rogue Knight Night Stalker
Tiny Pit Lord
Tauren chieftan Butcher
Treant protector Skeleton king - Does not exist -
Guardian Wisp Slythereen guard
Alchemist Undying
Clockwork Goblin Tidehunter
Dragon knight Magnataur
Sacred warrior Spirit breaker
Bristleback Sand king
Phoenix Agility
Tuskarr Blood seeker
Agility Bone fletcher
Antimage Broodmother
Dwarven sniper Nerubian Asassin
Juggernaut Nerubian Weaver
Lone druid Phantom asassin
Moon rider Shadow Fiend
Morphling Soul Keeper
Naga siren Specter
Phantom lancer Venomancer
Mirana Netherdrake
RIkimaru Geomancer
Troll Warlord Revenant
Gyrocopter Nightcrawler
Drow ranger Faceless Void
Templar Asassin Gorgon
Ursa warrior Intelligence
Vengeful Spirit Bane Elemental
Bounty Hunter Dark seer
'Intelligence' Death prophet
Rylai Demon Witch
Enchantress Enigma
Puck Lich
Chen Necrolyte
Keeper of light Oblivion
Zeus Harbringer
Prophet Akasha
Silencer Warlock
Slayer Shadow Demon
Storm Spirit Batrider
Windrunner Shacow priest
Disruptor invoker
Ogre magi visage
Techies Tormented Soul
Twin head dragon Witch doctor
Tinker Ancient apparition