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Kardel Sharpeye is a testament to his name and race. Using only his finely honed skills of marksmanship and his trusty rifle, he systematically destroys his opponents from afar. Taking great care to aim for the most vulnerable of areas, he is capable of severely injuring an opponent, and with a little extra time, has been known to simply dispose of an enemy in a single shot. His rifle is equipped with a secondary barrel, capable of launching a short burst of shrapnel at close range, causing massive damage.


Ability Name Ability Description

Shrapnel (Active)

Kardel fires a ball full of shrapnel into the air, which explodes, showering the target area in explosive pellets. Enemy units that walk in this area get damaged and slowed. Deals 1/3 damage to buildings. Lasts for 8 seconds.

Headshot (Passive)

Kardel's experience allows him to consistently hit his target's head, causing a mini-stun for 0.2 sec and additional damage.
Take Aim

Take Aim (Passive)

Kardel tinkers with his rifle, allowing it to be fired at a longer range than usual.

Assassinate (Ultimate)

Kardel takes time to set his sights on an enemy target, releasing an incredibly powerful shot after a short channel. The shot does a large amount of damage to the target at a far range.