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A follower of the great God of Order, Paladine, Sven has sworn to uphold the rights of all. Born of a Knight and a Night Elf and ostracized since birth, Sven has lead a solitary existence of meditation and training. He has come out of his wanderings determined to guard the innocent against evil. Armed with his blessed cleaving blade Justice, and harnessing the power to strike down his enemies with the might of God's Strength, Sven's wrath toward the unjust is a sight to behold.


Ability Name Ability Description

Storm Bolt (Active)

Sven throws a magic hammer, smiting his opponent with such force the shockwave affects others near it. All enemies and the target are stunned and take magic damage if they are caught in the blast radius around the target.

Great Cleave (Passive)

Sven's strikes are so powerful nearby enemies also feel the force of the blow. Sven's attacks deal a percentage of their damage in a small radius around the attacked enemy.

Warcry (Active)

Sven looses a mighty war cry, raising the morale of his allies. Allied units near Sven are granted a movement speed bonus and armor bonus temporarily.

God's Strength (Ultimate)

Sven gains a large burst of strength, causing his attacks to deal bonus damage for 25 seconds.