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Squee, Spleen, and Spoon, the Techies, are a trio of ranged Intelligence heroes, known for laying deadly traps around the field with a wide array of mines.

Devilishly clever, the goblin techies, despite their small physical presence, are a force to be reckoned with. In line with their goblin brethren, the techies have the skill of laying mines in the earth, invisible to the naked eye. Also, after extensive training with the Orcish voodoo priests of Kalimdor, the Techies are adept at laying paralysis-inducing traps along with their potent explosives. Wary be the foe who takes these three lightly.


Ability Name Ability Description Details
Land Mines


Plants an invisible mine that explodes when an enemy is near. The explosion deals less damage if the target is farther away. Range: 500

Stun Duration: 1.45/1.55/1.65/1.75
Damage: 100/175/250/325
Fade time: 2

Stasis Trap


Plants an invisible Stasis Trap that stuns nearby enemy units when detonated. Stun Radius: 450

Stun Duration: 3/4/5/6
Trigger radius: 200
Activation delay: 2
Detonation delay: 2
Invisibility fade delay: 2
Trap Duration: 4.5/5/5.5/6

Suicide squad, Attack


Sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Deals massive area of effect damage. Full damage: 500/650/850/1150

Partial damage: 260/300/340/380
Full damage radius: 200
Partial damage radius: 500
Cast range: 100


This hero focuses on map control and heavy lane control, with the highest attack range in the game at level one, only bested by Dwarven Sniper at later levels of Take Aim, Sniper's third skill. He specialises in putting down traps for his enemies to step on, which are usually stacked in 1 place for maximum effect.Goblin Techies' third skill detonates himself, instantly killing himself and doing a massive amount of damage to anyone unlucky enough to be around him.

Techies will be really annoying if you encounter with different mines in active areas. So if you are playing as techies, here are some useful tips. As soon as you are in your base during the start of the game, buy 1 tp ASAP and some clarities (Minimum 4). Place some mines on the entrance of the side shops, near runes, or near ancients. Go for soul ring, arcane boots, Eul scepter, bloodstone then necrominion would be a good option to go for. If you are facing against techies, I recommend to choose someone who can spawn illusions/ creeps/ spirits such as Phantom lancer illusions, shadow demon illu, invoker forged spirits, naga siren illu etc. Use them for exploding the land mines in active areas. Bunch of observers can be placed to see where he puts the mines on. Getting Zeus on your team or building necrominion lvl 3 would be great for true sight. Hope it helps!

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