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12 Dota2-Timbersaw

Timbersaw (Rizzarck) is a melee strength hero that can deal massive damages and cause chaos in large areas. He can use trees surrounding him to escape, to chase, and to kill the enemy. With his Reactive Armor which allows him to get a massive amount of armor and regeneration , Timbersaw is one of the most durable heroes in the world of DOTA2 though his health and base armor are not quite high. He excels in dealing damage since his active skills all have very low cooldowns and deal all pure damage, unreduced by magic resistance and armor. Whirling Death deals damage and temporarily reduces the primary attributes to enemies in the small area around him, and if he cuts down a tree with Whirling Death it will hit for pure damage. Timber Chain is the multipurpose ability which allows him to deal damage, to quickly chase the enemies, and to escape by latching onto trees. Last, Chakram is the ultimate skill which deals pure damage and slows enemies causing chaos to multiple enemies.

Pros of Timbersaw

-       Great mobility

-       High armor

-       High regeneration

-       Deals pure damage

-       High mana pool

-       Deals damage for multiple enemies

Cons of Timbersaw

-       Doesn’t have disable ability

-       Require player skills to deal damages

-       Low physical damage