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Tiny the Stone Giant is a hero from Dota Allstars. He is a Strength Sentinel hero.

Looming from the rocky crags of Ashenra, the stone giants are born from the mountain itself. Tiny, a newly born giant, although small in size, has the strength of a hill. With his supreme strength, he is able to launch anything into the air, including huge amounts of soil to cause avalanches around his enemies. Because of his craggy exterior, enemies have a hard time attacking him. Over time, Tiny's body will grow bigger as the magnetic forces deep inside his granite heart pull rocks and soil to his rugged stone form.


Ability Name Ability Description

Avalanche (Active)

Tiny tears up the ground, bombarding an area with rocks. Enemies in an AoE are stunned and damaged. An enemy tossed during Avalanche take another round of damage and stun.

Toss (Active)

Tiny tosses the unit nearest to him towards a target area. Enemies in the area of impact are damaged. If the tossed unit is an enemy, they will take 20% of the total damage dealt.

Craggy Exterior (Passive)

Enemies that attack Tiny at melee range have a chance to be damaged and stunned from the recoil of hitting the stone skin. Tiny also gains bonus armour passively.

Grow! (Ultimate)

Tiny grows in size, heavily increasing damage but slowing attack speed. Also adds 20 move speed per level and slightly increased damage from toss. If Aghanim's

Scepter is used, Tiny also has the ability to pick up a tree, which increases his damage and attack range, as well as dealing bonus damage to structures.

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