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Towers are structures in Dota Allstars and Dota 2. They are placed at fixed locations in each lane and in each team's base, and attack any enemy that strays too close. It is similar to a unit in that it has fixed damage, attackspeed and attack range.

A tower's damage is increased by 20% for every consecutive attack that it makes.


Turret Aggro is a term commonly used to describe the turret's order of preference for targets. The Turret will re-evaluate targets whenever the unit it is attacking dies, or a when an hero attacks an allied hero. The turret fires at enemies in this order

  • Enemy Heroes that attack an allied hero within the tower's range.
  • The closest enemy unit attacking the turret (including Heroes).
  • The closest enemy unit.
  • Neutral creeps.

Spells do not draw aggro from the tower as long as the hero does not autoattack the enemy, he is safe from drawing aggro unless he meets another condition.

If there are two equal priority units, the turret will attack the closest one. If the units are equally distant from the tower, it will choose one at random.

Turret aggro can be removed from a hero by either moving out of range of the turret, force-attacking an allied unit with A-Click (Even if the unit is above half health), or by becoming ethereal or untargetable in any way.