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A treant of immense age and wisdom, Rooftrellen was merely a sapling during the invasion of the Burning Legion. Having grown powerful over thousands of years, Rooftrellen has lent his considerable might to the Sentinel cause. An omnipresent force in the forest, he is capable using his power over the forest to hide his allies. Rooftrellen is aided by the forest itself, providing him with a thick living armor of vines and entangling nearby foes in a deadly embrace, allowing Rooftrellen to pound his victims to dust with his massive gnarled limbs.


Ability Name

Ability Description


Nature's Guise (Active)

Rooftrellen uses his powers to blend an allied unit with the forest, turning it invisible as long as it remains near a tree.
Leech seed

Leech Seed (Active)

Rooftrellen embeds a seed in his opponent, slowing them and dealing damage over 3 seconds. The seed will "pulse" 4 times, dealing damage to the seeded enemy and transferring the life to nearby allies. The affected allies are healed.

Living Armor (Passive)

Rooftrellen's natural magic gives bonus armour and health regeneration to allies near him. During the day, his powers are amplified, making his aura extend globally.

Overgrowth (Ultimate)

Rooftrellen unleashes a wild tangle of branches and vines around him. Enemies caught in the radius take magic damage and are bound, preventing their movement and basic attacks.