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Ymir the Tuskarr is a hero from Dota Allstars. He is from the Strength Sentinel Tavern.


Hailing from the Borean Tundra, Ymir is one of the wisest Tuskarr warriors. Acquainted with years of warfare experience against raiding Ice Trolls and Nerubian Spiders that beset his village during his younger years, Ymir eagerly volunteered himself into the ranks of the Sentinel to help halt the notorious rise of the Lich King. A specialist in controlling the element of ice, Ymir's prowess lies in surprising enemies with frosty magics. His arsenal not only consists of propelling Snowballs and hurling shards of solidifying ice, but also conjuring massive Snowstorms that greatly impede his enemies' battle efficiency.


Tuskarr excels in taking down a single enemy (usually the carry) in large fights with the aid of his teammates. Tuskarr is a ganker who relies on his allies to deal the damage. He has a small nuke that can block the enemy, Frozen Sigil to slow the enemy down, Snowball to catch up and stun enemies and a knockup. In short he has excellent capabilies to keep the enemy under fire from your allies for a long time.


Ability Name Ability Description

Ice Shards (Active)
Ymir compresses 5 shards of ice into a ball of energy, that flies in a line and damages enemies caught in the path. If the ball comes in contact with an enemy hero or reaches its maximum range the shards are released, creating a barrier that lasts for 5 seconds.

Snowball (Active)
Ymir and any nearby allied heroes roll in a snowball, hurtling towards the target enemy unit and gathering more momentum as it moves. Any victims caught in the snowball's path take damage and are briefly stunned; the final target takes 40 extra damage and are stunned for an extra 0.25 seconds.
Frozen Sigil (Active)
Ymir summons a Frozen Sigil imbued with the deepest cold of the winters and places it on the ground near him. The Sigil's icy aura creates a snowstorm, slowing enemies within a 600 unit radius of the Sigil.

Walrus Punch (Ultimate)
Ymir readies his signature Walrus Punch, causing his next attack to knock up the enemy and critically strike (2.5x damage). Upon landing, the enemy takes additional damage and is slowed for 40%.

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