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Although she is an Intelligence hero, Windrunner's game play style resembles that of an Agility hero in many ways. Most of the time she relies on her physical attack. Her attacks are powerful to start with, but she also enjoys a steadily increasing rate of fire. Deadly Power Shots not only pierce the nearest target with massive damage, but continue on to damage any units in the line of fire. Due to its exceedingly long range, Power Shot is also excellent for picking off injured heroes as they flee. To stop enemies from fleeing in the first place, Windrunner has Shackleshot--one of the best single-target stuns in the game. The Shackleshot allows Windrunner to shackle a target either to a tree or to another enemy unit, potentially stunning two heroes. Her third skill, Windrun, allows her to escape dangerous situations, position herself for good Shackleshots, and catch up to fleeing enemies. If Powershot isn't enough to take down a target, she can use Focus Fire. This powerful ability makes her attack a single enemy at the fastest possible rate; while it reduces her total damage, it has a long duration. Focus Fire is also highly effective against buildings and other stationary targets-and woe to the enemy hero who is first hit by Shackleshot, since they are now essentially a stationary target themselves.


  • Shackleshot is a very strong disable when used on two targets. Save this ability for when there is a clear target behind the initial one in order to lengthen the stun. Note that hitting two heroes will stun both of them for the full amount.
  • Power Shot can be used to clear creep waves, harass and zone opponents or pick of any low-health enemies.
  • Power Shot can be cancelled early for less damage. If it's clear that the shot will miss, or charging up the rest of the shot may result in being out of position, don't hesitate to cancel it.
  • Focus Fire is rather weak early game due to Windrunner's low damage and its high damage penalty, as well as its single-target nature.
  • Windrunner can be used to avoid attack damage carries for a short time, chase, escape and slow enemies down to allow allies to catch up.
  • Phase Boots allow Alleria to move much faster in conjunction with the Windrunner ability. Arcane Boots allow her to spam her abilities more often without fear of running out of mana, and Power Treads are strong for the variety of stats it can potentially give.


Ability Name Ability Description
Shackeshot (Active)

WindRanger fires an enchanted arrow using wind magic that binds the target to an enemy unit or tree behind it.

Power Shot
Powershot (Active)

Windranger winds up her bow for up to 1 second to perform a single powerful shot. The arrow travels up to 1700 distance, dealing damage and destroying trees in its path. The damaged dealt is greatest to the first target it hits and is reduced by 10% with each other it passes through.

Windrunner (Active)

Imbues her body with the essence of wind, increasing her movement speed by 50% and giving her the ability to evade all physical attacks for a short period of time. Additionally, the gusts of wind around her impairs the movement of nearby enemies, slowing their movement speed in a 300 AoE around her.

Focus Fire
Focus Fire (Active)

WindRanger channels wind throughout her body to surge an excess of adrenaline, giving her maximum attack speed on one target. Damage is reduced in this state.

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